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Who Owns What...v2.1

In the wake of Microsoft's proposed $44 bil takeover of Yahoo (and all the subsequent chatter), I've updated my Who Owns What chart. Because I think this topic is so important to all journalists, regardless of whether they work in traditional media or even in the United States, I'm going to launch an RSS feed and a widget soon that will roll constant updates on who owns what.

In the six months since I first created the chart, there are a handful of notable updates:

  • AOL's list has grown tremendously, while Google, News Corp and IAC have remained relatively unchanged.
  • AOL is heading strong into behavioral targeting and various ad network options.
  • Yahoo's buy early and large strategy toned down considerably in Q3 and Q4 of 2007.
  • Google's last acquisition was Postini early last fall.
  • Though I'm not tracking this on the chart, News Corp has also been selling lots of assets - namely local television stations.

Here's the new Who Owns What page at mydigimedia. Download the new chart (PDF) here. And if you want to read my original post and learn more about why I started tracking all this to begin with, have a look here.

Again, the chart isn't intended to be absolutely comprehensive - else you wouldn't be able to print it out. (And print it out you should! The trees will understand. Hang this up at your desk, look at it regularly, and remind yourself that all this digital stuff isn't going away.) If you see any glaring errors or omissions, please let me know.

Meantime, keep your eye out for a WOW widget and dedicated RSS feed...coming soon.


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This seems not to be a complete list.. Add follwoings:
1. Google Acqired Jaiku (Oct, 2007)
2. Yahoo acquired Zimbra (Sep, 2007)

A lot of mapping technologies (and 3D visualization) in the chart.

New from yesterday :

Microsoft bought Calibari (3D) to compete Google Sketchup and prepare the "Second World" (as apposed to Virtual World).

This is exactly why I'm launching the widget... Microsoft and AOL keep making new investments every week... Thanks for the update, Luc!

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