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Free Training for Our Gannett Friends...

The news this week has been grim. Three thousand layoffs at Gannett. The News Journal in Wilmington is cutting 44 jobs. More at the Tennessean, the Asbury Park Press, the Tallahassee Democrat...

And now here's what I know you don't want to hear: Many of you probably won't land back on your feet as a working journalist at an American newspaper. The economy is in the shitter, news orgs are still using tired business models and old fashioned newsroom jobs just aren't in demand. Not when the Huffington Post pulls in more traffic on an average day than many newspaper websites do in an entire month.

I want to make things better. About half of what my company (MyDigiMediaGroup) does is training. We train reporters, editors, producers, developers, teachers...hell, we even train lots of trainers...on how to adapt technology for journalism. (The other half is strategic planning and innovation. Like, which content management system should you use and how can you best implement it to accommodate mobile, the geospatial web, etc?)

So, to the recently laid-off journalists, here's an early holiday gift. We're offering two free live online training sessions focusing on emerging technology and post-mainstream journalism careers. We'll show you some new tech trends, explain how you can combine them with what you already know, and then show you how to apply your skillset to either land a new gig or even start your own site. We might point you in the direction of a new project or introduce you to a different kind of digital journalism entirely. This won't be an hour of learning code - it'll be instruction on how to think and understand differently. Why should you go away quietly and take a random PR job or somesuch, when you can instead harness the technology that's causing much of the heated competition facing newspapers?

Again, these sessions are free. You'll also get access to tipsheets and other information. Criteria are below:

WHO: We'd prefer that you're a Gannett refugee, but we won't turn away working journalists. Sorry - this time, we will not take technologists, consultants, academics or students. We're going to check, so don't try to pull a fast one on us...

WHEN: Two sessions - they'll be repeats with the exact same information. Tuesday, Dec. 23rd at 4pm Eastern and Wednesday, Jan. 7th at 1pm Eastern. The training session will last 75 minutes.

HOW/ WHERE: We'll give registrants a call-in number and passcode the day before. You also must be calling in from the U.S. and not from an international number. You'll need a computer (one that's online, of course) and a phone line to call into. After the session, we'll give you access to tipsheets and other information to help you continue learning on your own.

HOW TO REGISTER: Send an email message with your full name, your email address and where you're currently (or were recently) employed. Also tell us what kind of job you had (multimedia producer, city hall reporter for the paper, etc). For those of you who have previously participated in one of our training sessions, you'll already know that we never do the same thing twice and that all of our sessions are completely personalized. To the extent we can, we're going to try and do the same thing this time around - so share whatever information you'd like. The more we get, the more meaningful we can make the information for you. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS DECEMBER 15th. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Because of the software we're using, we're capped at 100 participants per session. This means that we can only take 200 people - first come, first served. Since we're not charging anything, please only sign up if you can definitely make the session. We don't want to take away spots from others who'd like to attend.

There are no strings attached, folks. We're just trying to help out. Consider it an early 8th night Hanukkah present from MyDigiMediaGroup & company.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that we also have an upcoming training session that's being held in conjunction with the Columbia J-School. It's a four-hour, hands-on, intensive class on how to dig really deep through the dark web, social platforms and more to enhance your reporting. We're also going to detail some nifty Google tricks/ hacks. This one isn't free - and they may or may not have seats still left. But details are HERE .



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