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Our Newly Favorite Twitter Apps...

For those of you who have attended one of MyDigiMediaGroup's training sessions, you'll have already received a version of what's below. We just finished testing some newer tools, and we've reorganized our Twitter hit-list below. You can obviously use this as a reference, but also feel free to download a copy for yourself or for your organization. It's available at our Research Center. As always, we've noted how these tools can be used for journalism.

TwitterFeed - Got a blog? This will automatically updated your posts to your Twitter account. If you're not sure how to effectively Twitter at your news organization, create a basic Twitter account - like BaltimoreNews. Then, you can automatically send out announcements of your new blog entries to everyone who's following you.

Autopostr - You can use Autopostr to post Flickr photos to Twitter and also send a tweet to your followers.

Mobypicture - Shares photos via Twitter, enables you to post directly to Flickr and your blog.

Twadget - If you're a (blech) Vista user, this is a gadget that will track and send all new tweets from your account.

Twitzer - Want more than 140 characters? Twitzer works with Firefox and will allow you to type in longer posts. Be warned, though. Twittering is meant to be is micro-sized, and some of your followers may not want long, rambling posts from you.

TwitterGram - Tired of just sending out 140 characters? Use TwitterGram to send mp3s tweets. Use it for journalism: This could be a fantastic way to share breaking news audio reports. You might also consider using it to send out quick advertisements every X# tweets.

Twhirl - This is a nice desktop application that allows you to update and read your Twitter account. This application really functions more like an instant message client. Still, it can help reporters stay on top of breaking news.

Snitter - This is a popular desktop client, but it requires Adobe Air to run.

Twitteroo - Desktop client, works best on PC.

Twitterrific - Desktop client for mobile or desktop.

Twitbar - For our Linux friends, a Twitter client for Gnome users to post from the Deskbar.

Trends and Analysis
Twitt(url)y - A popular service to track the most buzzed-about URLs people are sharing. This could be a useful tool for reporters during breaking news events.

SocialToo - Includes a host of Twitter applications, including SocialSurveys, which enables users to easily create polls. You can also auto-follow, blacklist and DM followers after setting up an automated system.

TweetPad - Enables you to visualize Twitter stats. http://silentlycrashing.net/tweetpad/

Favrd - Aggregates the most favorited tweets, which can help journalists to identify upcoming news stories and events or even search by topic on previously popular stories. http://www.textism.com/favrd/

TweetDeck - A must for tracking Twitter trends and conversations, though you’ll need to install and run Adobe Air to make it work.

Peoplebrowsr - A comparative Twitter search tool, aggregator, connector and messaging system. It’s incredibly helpful, though the amount of information it produces can at time be overwhelming.

Monitter - The interface looks suspiciously like PeopleBrowsr, but that doesn’t make it work any less efficiently. You can search keywords at once and compare results.

Twellow - This is a search engine that you can use to browse people and other topics, uses Twitter and other social networking tools. http://www.twellow.com/

Twitter Answers - Ask Twitter a question, find an answer. http://www.mosio.com/twitter/

Summize - Twitter’s own search engine.

TwitterTroll - Yet another search engine, TwitterTroll also shows the most popular searches at any given time. Can be useful to search the zeitgeist.

Tweet Scan - This is another search engine for tweets. Again, you're not quoting directly from folks - just looking for leads and additional context to aid in the reporting process.

Mobile/ Geolocation
PocketTweets - This tool enables you to post and read tweets via your iPhone.

TwitterLocal - Filter out tweets from just a certain area. Reporters can use this as source material to find out what's happening within a certain range of miles, postal code, state, city, etc.

BrightKite enables you to share your location and find people based on where you are.

Loopt helps you to find friends and track them using Twitter and your mobile phone’s data connection. (Also available on the iPhone without using Twitter.)

TwitterLit - This application will send out the first line of a book and a link to Amazon. It's part trivia - can you guess the author and title? - but mostly a marketing ploy to get Twitter users to buy more stuff on Amazon. But it's effective - and lots of people are using it. Mimic this application for use in your own newsroom. Tease new stories. Use quick-hit trivia to drive traffic to your site. What about promotions? Selling photos or archived video?

Twitter Tube Tracker - Track the status of London's Tube trains and get delays sent to Twitter.

Twittervision - We wrote about this last year... Twittervision displays random updates from people around the world. It's a bit like watching an aquarium, and it's addictive. Want to get included? Add TwitterWhere, which will automatically post your tweet location.

Tweetbeep - Google News Alerts for Twitter.

People/ Relationship Management
Twubble - Want to follow more people but not sure where to start? Twubble will make recommendations based on who you currently follow and your geographic location. This is a good way for jurnos to get started using Twitter, especially if they're not sure who to start following just yet. Note: In order for Twubble to make suggestions, you need to be following a handful (10 or more) of Twitter accounts.

FriendOrFollow - May make you feel worse about yourself, so be warned. This service will show you who you’re following that isn’t following you back.

Follow Cost - Will forecast the amount of time you’ll need to spend following a given person or account on Twitter.

TwitterSnooze - Gives you the ability to temporarily stop receiving a specified person’s tweets - without letting them know or without having to unsubscribe entirely.

Basic Communications
GroupTweet - Will enable you to use Twitter within groups, which you cannot do with the current platform on its own.

TwitThis - Allows you to tweet anything you see online, directly from the page you’re visiting. If it launches for iPhone, this would solve the headache caused for folks wanting to retweet but can’t because of the missing cut and paste function.

Twitter Ad Networks

<Some Twitter Basics>

# Use a hashtag in front of a keyword to make it more easily searchable. People decide on a keyword and then tweet conferences, breaking news events and more. For past examples, search #griots, #web20summit and #mumbai.

@ Use the @ symbol in front of a Twitter user’s name to reference them in your post or to respond to them publicly.

Sending a direct, private message varies depending on the Twitter client or site you use. It may be the letter “d” in front of the username, or you may need to select “direct message” from a drop-down window. Be careful when sending content that you intend to be private - one click could make your message available to all of your followers.


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